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New York CDL Requirements

All New York CDL holders are required to be medically qualified to drive a CMV by the means of a valid DOT medical certificate, unless the type of commerce you drive qualifies as ‘Excepted’.

Interstate Non-Excepted
You must meet the Federal DOT medical certificate requirements.

Intrastate Non-Excepted
You must meet the Federal DOT medical certificate requirements.


Self Certification in the State of New York

The DMV will mail a Self-Certification Notification letter to all NYS CDL holders. Drivers must select their driving type on the letter and, if that driving type requires, submit a photocopy of their valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate.


  • The notification process will start in the summer of 2013.
  • The letters will be mailed over a five-month period in numerical order by the DMV Client ID number (CID). The scheduled mailing dates are now available on the NYS DMV website. The schedule may change, and you can check back for updates. At this time, you cannot request that a Self-Certification letter be printed for you.
  • Each letter will be bar coded with unique information to identify the driver. You cannot use a photocopy of the Self-Certification letter sent to another driver.

Submitting your Self-Certification and Medical Certificate to New York DMV

Submit the following two documents:

  1. Completed Self-Certification Notification letter (the one mailed by DMV to you).
  2. Photocopy of your valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate. Enlarge the copy to ensure legibility, and copy on one side of a standard 8½” x 11″ sheet of paper.

Note: Incomplete, inaccurate, illegible or unsigned documents will be rejected and returned.

By Mail:
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY  12228

Note: You cannot visit a DMV office only to return the Self-Certification Notification Letter. DMV offices are unable to process a Self-Certification transaction. You must return the letter by mail in the return envelope provided.

By Fax: (this information was provided by “Mike” – see comments below.)
Fax number 518-486-4421
Fax information before 9 am. You will get a accepted answer after 9 am.


Keep your Medical Certificate current with NYS DMV

You must renew your medical card before the expiration date.

Your renewed Medical Examiner’s Certificate must be received and processed prior to the expiration of the Medical Examiner’s Certificate on file to avoid loss of your commercial driving privilege. You should allow at least two weeks for processing your updated certificate.

Mail a copy of your new, valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate (medical card only, not the long form) to NYS DMV.

By Mail:
NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
Medical Certification Unit
PO Box 2601
Albany, NY 12228-0601

The DMV will not remind you when your Medical Examiner’s Certificate is about to expire.
If you fail to maintain current, updated information with the DMV, you will lose your commercial driving privileges.


Other Information:

Website: New York State DMV – official website

NYS DMV CDL changes to medical certification


Special Information Updates  – JANUARY 2015 –
Pertaining To ALL STATES


The FMCSA has requested that all medical examiners continue providing drivers with a paper copy of the medical certificate so that Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders can provide a copy to the State licensing agency, and the non-CDL drivers can provide the documentation to their employers and Federal and State enforcement officials.

The Agency is currently completing efforts to put into place an electronic system to enable medical examiners to transmit the medical certificate information from the National Registry system to the State licensing agencies. However, until that system is completed, medical examiners must continue to issue paper copies of the medical certificates to drivers who pass the medical exam.


Commercial Drivers – You still need to carry a paper copy of your medical card, until FMCSA announces that this is no longer necessary.

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  1. Thomas martin says

    [Name submitted has been removed by web admin] is certified to do physicals but not qualified. She won’t return my calls to notify me of my results. I haven’t worked in 3 months. She needs to be removed from list. HHHN sucks for this service. You should have to be a doctor, not a PA. Stay away truckers!

    • says

      You are allowed to get a second opinion, and go elsewhere for your physical. Getting a second opinion, as long as you are being honest about your health history, is not the same as “doctor shopping” which is not allowed.

      We removed the PA’s name you submitted. (To clarify for other readers- that was not one of our DOT Physical Doctors).
      Even nameless, your comment still portrays a valuable caution to drivers.

      We see the issues drivers face in the comments posted here every day. That’s why we make sure the doctors in our network understand the big picture of commercial driving, and consider the driver’s overall health condition, and apply regulations fairly and appropriately.

      Our motto is “Wiser is Better. Choose Your DOT Physical Doctor Wisely!”
      Avoid the pitfalls that could cost you lost time, lost money, or your job.

  2. steve says

    hi i drive a non cdl truck that is 25,999 in new york an longisland do i need a medical card to drive in new york now dot guys have never ask me in newyork for one

    • says

      Can’t speak specific about New York, each state is different.
      e.g. Here in my state, Utah, you would need a class B drivers CDL and a valid medical card to operate an intra-state commercial vehicle. Check with your state to confirm or deny that is the case.

    • the man says

      im going thur same b/s with my company . I drive a 10,001 bucket truck, company said this position is dot certified. with class d I drive up to 26,000 truck per dmv . company said they are following feds reg,………..BUT I can go back to last position with same bucket truck and need not dot card… a diabetic type 1 so getting card is not easy.

  3. Dan Woodard says

    I’m 22 years old ever since a young boy I’ve always wanted to drive. But I was born with a weak right eye. So I just barely don’t meet the requirement for the vision part of the medical card. So if anyone knosw of someone that can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • says

      If the weakness in the eye is not correctable, then you will need to apply for a medical vision waiver. Start with your state DLD and go from there. If you can pass the DOT medical examination, other than the visual portion, then you would apply to the FMCSA for the visual waiver. Good Luck

  4. Matt says

    My medical card has been expired for over a year now and my license of course was downgraded, my question is if I go and get a physical do I get my class A reinstated or do I have to take a road test and everything all over again ?
    Thank you for any info you can give me .

  5. ME says

    I live in New York state and have a class A ,but I don’t drive full time . I found a letter that Is months late I was injured away from home and convalesced away from home , I had submitted my original dot physical before the original dead line , it expired on aug 18 2014 , the letter I just got was dated 8/21 /14 regardless I was downgraded oct 15 2014 do I lose my cdl permanently now that i missed my due date

  6. Les B says

    Can I just fax off the updated certificate by itself, without the form MC11, when updating?

    (That way I could just fax the certificate straight from the doctor’s office without fussing with additional forms)

    • says

      Not necessarily, but your CDL will have been downgraded.
      The time period and the process of downgrading, and what you need to do to get your CDL reinstated, differs from state to state.
      You need to contact NY Drivers License Department to find out your status and what you need to do next.

  7. p.horton says

    Never!! Never!!! Never!!!! Mail anything to the DMV (unless there is no other way). Just head down to the DMV office and get in line to update your DOT med card on file. You find out then and there if there is any issue’s with your new card plus you have a receipt as proof.

    • Rich says

      Can you go to the local DMV office the web site Say’s no I have been trying to call for a week but the phone is busy from 9 to 1. Hmmm

  8. floyd van wie says

    after 39years no tickets no acciedents the dmv has proved to me that they should fire everyone and start over…..getting a physical at the va was bad enough cause those morons sent me into the hospital because my bp was 142 on the high end whoopee.dooits 150 now according to new rules on blood preasure..beside .thats just my operating preasure….to make matters worse in order to spend around $40000 tax dollars to find something wrong with my ticker that does not exist …they chemically induced a real life heartattack….right there on the table…..not doing that again….dmv must not read their own files….they have now suspended my cdl until i get a new medical card ..the one i have has not even been on file a year…..i can hardly wait to see what reason they have for their action… med card is current until october this year…..i hope that they ….the powers that be……realize how hopelessly encompident they appear to be..,respectfully submitted…..


    I sent you a copy of my medical re-certification and a copy of my driver’s license more than 2 weeks ago and you have yet updated my driving record. Please I can fax you another copy for update. Thank you
    Talikai Ayuba. (phone number deleted by admin for privacy)

  10. Charlie Furman says

    Retired and just trying to keep my CDL but now trying to get results for sleep apnea and paying for my own physical and having to mail in copies of extended physical card and only getting things from the DMV on non-compliance and downgrade is redictulus.When your RETIRED I would think you could keep your license.You should be able to keep it and only need a physical when your working you think?

    • says

      If you are not currently driving a CMV, and you want to maintain your CDL but are not in a position to certify for a medical certificate, or do not want to keep your medical certificate current, check with your SDLA.
      Your SDLA may allow you to self-certify in a category that does not require a medical certificate, if you state allows it.

  11. Christopher L. Deitz says

    The first medical card copy I sent was rejected for not having an expiration date. With a new physical and medical card I visited the local DMV office. The new card has an expiration date. I completed the paperwork again and we faxed a copy of my new card along with the completed paperwork three weeks ago. Today I stopped in DMV to check on the status of the certification and it still says not current. Like every other business I have ever dealt with the lack of communication from department to department will cost people time, money and possibly jobs. I pull Tandems for a living that requires 5 years of continuous CMV License. If I am downgraded I will lose my job. The amount of time and money spent to obtain a CMV is ridiculous enough without having to worry about a lack of communication on DMV`s part. The Medical Certification Department needs to reside at DMV offices for people to communicate directly with. My license has not been downgraded yet. I have done everything I can.

  12. Lucille L R Callender says

    What appears on my license is E -( P ) & R ( None ).
    Does this mean I need a restriction change? Do I have to go to my local DMV & apply for a license amendment?

  13. ksreyes says

    Well, as soon as the new request came, I mailed out my husband’s paperwork, made copies and sent it return receipt requested. He had his paperwork and the physical was for 2 years. This was August of 2013 he was one of the first mailings, he just received a letter from the DMV that he was downgraded for failure to submit his medical card and paperwork. I have called, their hours are 9-1 mon – fri and the phone lines are always busy unless they are closed and then you can get through to get the message. So then I emailed copies of all the paperwork that had been sent as well as the receipts from the initial mailing. However, DMV does not respond to email, most professional places have customer service with 24 hour turnarounds on email, and this isn’t something that can be handled at the local DMV so how do you resolve this error in data entry? In the meantime my husband can no longer drive for his company because his license in no longer valid until this is cleared up. Who is going to pay our bills? What a horrendous mess this is.

  14. mike says

    fax information (fax number 518-486-4421) before 9 am you will get a accepted answer after 9 am they must take the phone off the hook tried to get thru for days

  15. michael r. allain says

    i just received a letter of non compliance and licence down grade saying i do not have a medical cert card. i received this same letter in september of 2013 at that time i got a physical and certification card and mailed it to the dmv med cert. unit they acknowledged receipt. my certification doesn’t expire until 10/2014 my client id # is 328652065. where do i go from here

  16. Kevin D. Davis says

    I am a recently retired MTA bus operator for NYC. I have a class B with E: P, R: A3. My CDL license has been downgraded because of this new law. I’ve never had a Med. Cert. Card. I sent in my form, already. It appeared that I was exempt from Med. Cert. Card. Do I need a Med.Cert. card? How will I know when I’ll be upgraded?

    • says

      I believe that most of the new changes coming about have more to do with class A drivers (over the road 18-wheelers) than to do with class B.
      You’ll need to check with your state DMV for further explanation of the changes and how those changes effect your class B.

  17. constance hebert says

    I am out on medical and having surgery, Not able to take a physical at this time. what do I do when I return back to work???

    • says

      Following any major illness or surgery, you need to redo your DOT medical examination.
      So don’t worry about it until you are ready to go back to work. Then get a new medical certificate.
      If the state you live in is asking for your new medical card and self certification, then just let them know you are out on sick leave and will get it to them as soon as you have it.

      • says

        My name is Herman of New York State.
        I am out on medical and having surgery, Not able to take a physical at this time. my Medical card is up for renewal end of Oct 1,2014, I need more time to recover what do I do when I return back to work??? I had my CDL since 1992 will be retiring in 2018. I did want to keep my CDL for the future and continue to support my family. Is there a way to keep my CDL untill I am able to recover from surgery and be able go for my new medical card by self certification,

        • says

          Best to contact NY DMV and ask them the best way to go about this.
          They may allow you to self-certify in an excepted category as long as you don’t drive, then change to a non-excepted category when you’re ready to drive again. Or they may have a way to put a hold in your file, until you are medically fit to get a new card.

  18. peter r alborano says

    totally inadequate and ridiculous! phone is always busy!! ive personally been trying to get through for over a week…..also i have sent my filled out and doctor documented forms to this address in november of 2013 and i am getting notices that i am not in compliance? what should a person do? ive emailed,ive called ive written on here? we are hard working individuals who dont have much free time to waste ..someone help!!!!!!

  19. FRANK A CANINO says


  20. Brett says

    This process does not make good business sense. CDL operators send there information in to one place and only a handful of personnel are there to process the information. I submitted my DOT medical over a month ago and it still hasn’t been processed. CDL carriers should be able to log into a website and upload there medical into a database and receive a confirmation that it has been received. Or go to there local DMV to have it processed. I know you are outsourcing this process as well. So help create jobs. have each local DMV outsource it to a local business. so instead of one vendor processing 100’s of thousands of medicals, you have hundreds of vendors processing the medicals from local DMV’s. would be a smoother process and at the same time NY would be helping the economy with jobs.

  21. Mike Gerstung says

    Who, as in what class vehicles are required to have a medical card. For example a company service truck licensed for 16,000lbs.
    Thanks Mike

  22. Clayton Shafer says

    I went for a dot phisical and at the DR. Said looks good then said I failed because my neck is larger then 17 inches and said I have to take a sleep apnea test to see if I have this disorder witch cost a lot of money is this a new Law??

    • says

      No. There are examining doctors that have not watched the rules closely.
      If you have high blood pressure, and are on medications and are a diabetic and you’re fat and out of shape, then maybe. But if everything else is normal, then your examiner is behind the times on a ruling that has been overturned.

  23. Ron Laurenza says

    How do I know the DMV received my returned signed letter and mailed medical examiners certificate? Is there a way to check to see if it in fact has been received and processed?

    • Sal says

      I also have the same question as Ron. The self certification letter indicated that an enclosed envelope was sent along with it, but I didn’t get that envelope for some reason. Any of you happen to know to which exact address it’s supposed to be mailed to? Thanks for the help.

    • marian koumou says

      is a copy good to keep with me how do iknow iam all good and everything is correct with my licence and i need to get a copy of a blank certificate to give my doctor for new a cert

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