1. Bryan says

    Question. I have had my CDL for 35 years now. Six years ago I had a torn retina. In short I lost sight in left eye.I still have my CDL license but not a medical card. I was told by FMCSA that there is a grandfather clause in the state of Pa. and that if you had had your license before 1995 you would fall under this clause. I am trying to acquire my medical card because of this.Does anyone have any type of information on who I should contact from the DOT of Pa.

  2. Harold jefferies says

    Question I got a warning because my class a cdl license has corrective lense restrictions but when I took my dot physical I pass the eye exam and wasn’t required to have glasses. What do I need to do to get this straighten out

    • says

      If your drivers license says glasses needed, then wear your glasses or go back to the drivers license department and have them change your license to no corrective lenses needed.
      Your medical card and your drivers license need to match. If you need to have your medical card changed, then go back to the medical examiner and have them change it.

  3. says

    If you are going to go for an interstate driving position, then go to FMCSA’s website to start the process. If you are going to be driving intra-state only, then check with your local state DLD if more information.

  4. says

    Each state is different, so check with your state DLD to make the final determination.
    Most states want at least 20/40 to drive, but that being said, if you are driving now, then it may qualify for the class B intra-state only. But check with your state to make sure.

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