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      Each state is different, so check with your state DLD to make the final determination.
      Most states want at least 20/40 to drive, but that being said, if you are driving now, then it may qualify for the class B intra-state only. But check with your state to make sure.

  1. Richard says

    I am applying for a job that will require a dot physical. I have had limited vision in my right eye due to an accident 30 yrs. ago that damaged optic nerves. The damage was to my center vision and I still have peripheral vision. My left eye is 20/20 corrected with glasses. I have never had a commercial license. The job uses DOT registered vehicles such as straight trucks to haul scissor lifts and Genie-Boons on occasion. I have a clean MVR for regular personal vehicles. The majority of the job will be in standard pick up truck driving. Occasional interstate travel may be required. Can I get an exemption for my vision?

    • says

      You leave out vital information from your question.
      What driver license class are you and what/ how heavy is the equipment that you will be operating?
      What’s the vision in the effected eye?
      Are you driving intra-state or interstate routinely?
      Based on your license type, will make answers a bit easier.

    • says

      What’s half blind?
      You must be able to see, with both eyes and each eye individually, 20/40 or better. That can be done with or without a corrective lenses. If you can not perform this task, then you would be limited by your state and if you want to go interstate, then you will need a vision waiver.

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