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Colorado CDL Requirements

All Colorado CDL holders are required to be medically qualified to drive a CMV by the means of a valid DOT medical certificate or medical waiver.

The regulations require that your motor vehicle status be “Medically Certified” to drive a CMV.  This status will be controlled by the expiration date of your DOT Medical Certificate that you submit to the DMV. If your DOT Medical Certificate is expired, then you will have a Medically Certified status of “Not Certified” and you cannot legally drive a CMV.

On the first day of your DOT Medical Certificate expiring, you are no longer qualified to operate a CDL type CMV.

On the 10th day of the DMV not receiving an updated DOT Medical Certificate, the DMV will change your medical certification status to “Not Certified” and the DMV will also mail out a letter to you explaining that you cannot operate a CDL type CMV and what you need to do to comply.

On the 30th day of the DMV not receiving an updated DOT Medical Certificate, the DMV will cancel your entire license and at this point you have no driving privileges.


Interstate Non-Excepted
You must meet the Federal DOT medical certificate requirements.

Intrastate Non-Excepted
You must meet the Federal DOT medical certificate requirements.


Submitting your Medical Certificate to Colorado DMV

Submit the following documents:

  1. CDL DOT Medical & Self Certification Form (DR 2903) – download the form here from Colorado Department of Revenue.
  2. CDL Self Certification Form & Attached Medical (DR 2904) – download the form here from Colorado Department of Revenue. Attach a copy of your valid DOT medical card – enlarge the copy to ensure that all information is legible.

By Mail:
Colorado Department of Revenue
Attn: CDL Unit Room 154
1881 Pierce St
Lakewood, CO 80214

By Fax:
303-205-5709  Attn: CDL Unit

In Person:
At all State DMV offices and some County DMV offices.


Other Contact Information:

DOT Customer Service Line: 303-205-5843

Email CDL Unit:


Special Information Updates  – JANUARY 2015 –
Pertaining To ALL STATES


The FMCSA has requested that all medical examiners continue providing drivers with a paper copy of the medical certificate so that Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders can provide a copy to the State licensing agency, and the non-CDL drivers can provide the documentation to their employers and Federal and State enforcement officials.

The Agency is currently completing efforts to put into place an electronic system to enable medical examiners to transmit the medical certificate information from the National Registry system to the State licensing agencies. However, until that system is completed, medical examiners must continue to issue paper copies of the medical certificates to drivers who pass the medical exam.


Commercial Drivers – You still need to carry a paper copy of your medical card, until FMCSA announces that this is no longer necessary.

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  1. max says

    Hello, I have my CDL currently but my medical expired about 5 months ago. I haven’t been driving truck but am looking to. Does anyone know if there is a limit on time for getting my medical back? I mean is it too late to get a new physical to make my license valid seeing that its been invalid almost 6 months?

    • says

      If you haven’t had a letter from your state DMV advising you of a downgrade to your license, then it may still be okay.
      If that is the case all you need to do is update your state drivers license department with a new medical card and self-certification form.
      You’ll need to check with DMV about the status of your CDL.

  2. Bill says

    I have had a CDL for about 40 years, but have not driven commercially in about 30 years, but I have still kept my CDL current because I am a collector of old trucks, some of which are 3 axle and have air brakes. Are there any provisions for keeping my CDL without having to go thru the expense of a physical since I am no longer an over-the-road trucker?

    If the answer to my question is “no”, then there needs to be a change in the law to allow for having a CDL, but not driving commercially. A waiver stating you are not employed as a commercial carrier operator would work just fine and require nothing more than a form. Simple.

    • says

      If you are not currently driving a CMV, and you want to maintain your CDL but are not in a position to certify for a medical certificate, or do not want to keep your medical certificate current, check with your State Drivers License Agency. Your SDLA may allow you to self-certify in a category that does not require a medical certificate, if you state allows it.
      Some states allow this. You’ll need to check with your local DMV.

  3. BIll says

    I was driving semis before the CMV act of 1986 and have always maintained my CMV license since the current law came into effect. I have NOT been driving CMV’s in recent years but may again in the future. I think there should be some way to keep the license without going through the entire medical exam nuisance and potentially losing your license to drive anything. I am just as legal driving my personal car as the women driving to work putting make-up on in her mirror. Signing an affidavit affirming that you are not currently employed as a CMV driver could suffice. Furthermore a status change electronically on the license could show as inactive to an officer of the law. At such time that you are again driving a CMV, your status could be changed to active. Besides, any employer worth his salt is going to make sure you are legal, so if caught hefty fines should follow both the driver and company. If you’re self employed then it’s on you.

    • Max says

      I agree that you should be able to keep the CDL with no medical if you are driving a vehicle that does not require one. It is on the license holder if they are not legal.

  4. Joe B says

    My license expires in 2016 but my medical card is expired. So does this mean I don’t have a valid license any longer? Really? And if so, how do I get my privileges back?

  5. Jeff says

    I was never notified that my driving privileges were taken away once my medical card had expired. Have no idea why driving a f-150 pick up would require me to have an updated medical card. I understand if I was operating a cmv, but I was driving a class c license vehicle. Now faced with unnecessary fees and fines. STUPID STUPID Rule!!!! Using this logic anyone that is driving on public roadways should be required to have a current c-dot medical card. Wish there was more common sense at the dmv or cdot.

  6. CJ says

    I submitted my medical form and they still cancelled my CDL and I have no driving privileges. But they never notified me and I just found out tonight when I was pulled over. You simply cannot make such mistakes when an individuals livelihood is at risk.

  7. Tom says

    Hello, Why can’t I drive my Subaru after my CDL medical card expires past 30-days? What difference doe’s that make? Why would my personal driving be impacted? If your medical card has expired…you can’t drive a truck. – That’s FAIR. BUT, suddenly you can’t drive your personal car? That’s unfair. Thank you, Tom Briardy

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