Texas CDL and DOT Medical Card Requirements

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Texas CDL Requirements

All Texas CDL holders are required to certify the type of commercial operation they’re engaged in.  CDL holders operating in non-excepted interstate and non-excepted intrastate are required to submit a current medical examiner’s certificate and any variance they may have to the Department.

Non-Excepted-Interstate Commerce (CDL-4)
You must meet the Federal DOT medical certificate requirements.

Non-Excepted-Intrastate Commerce (CDL-5 part B)
You must meet the Texas medical certificate requirements.


Submit Your Self-Certification Affidavit and Medical Certificate to Texas Department of Public Safety

Submit the following two documents:

  1. Texas Commercial Driver License Self-Certification Affidavit – download the form (CDL-7) here from Texas Department of Public Safety.
  2. Copy of your valid DOT medical card (not the long form) and any variance you may have.  Enlarge the copy to ensure that all information is legible.

By Mail:
Texas Department of Public Safety
Enforcement & Compliance Service
Attention: CDL Section
P.O. Box 4087
Austin, Texas 78773-0320

By Fax:
512-424-2002  Attn: CDL Section

By Email:
Documents must be in PDF format


Keep Your Medical Card Current With Texas Department of Public Safety

Drivers are required to keep a current medical variance or medical examiners certificate on file with DPS, and failure to do so will result in the downgrade of the individual’s CDL.

You must provide a copy of each new DOT medical card to the Department prior to the expiration of the current DOT medical card.

To prevent your commercial driver license from being downgraded, you will need to send a copy of your new DOT medical certificate to the Department within 15 days of the DOT medical certificate issuance date.

You may submit your new medical certificate by mail, fax, or email, as described above.


Other Information:

Texas DPS official website: Driver License

Texas CDL Medical Certification Requirement

Texas DPS/CVE – Locate a commercial vehicle office – address and phone number


Special Information Updates  – JANUARY 2015 –
Pertaining To ALL STATES


The FMCSA has requested that all medical examiners continue providing drivers with a paper copy of the medical certificate so that Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders can provide a copy to the State licensing agency, and the non-CDL drivers can provide the documentation to their employers and Federal and State enforcement officials.

The Agency is currently completing efforts to put into place an electronic system to enable medical examiners to transmit the medical certificate information from the National Registry system to the State licensing agencies. However, until that system is completed, medical examiners must continue to issue paper copies of the medical certificates to drivers who pass the medical exam.


Commercial Drivers – You still need to carry a paper copy of your medical card, until FMCSA announces that this is no longer necessary.

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  1. TXGMA says

    My son was trying to get a medical card, he went to one dr who sent him to a eye specialist, who prescribe him new glasses and he passed the eye test, went back to the first dr and she said no she couldn’t give him a medical card until his new glasses came in, he went to second doctor and passed eye exam without new glasses and was given a medical card, now the first doctor is filing charges with the state can she do that?

  2. sisno6 says

    I’ve been reading most of the comments in this thread and am at a loss for words. My problem was just the opposite from most of the individuals that posted. I had an injury October 2012 and had have surgery December 2012. Due to the injury and the surgery I was unable to return to work at driving a School Bus. I was turned down for any other positions, they needed drivers in Texas. Well, it was clear to me that I would have to resign and in August 2013 I did so. I did not have a renewed Medical Certification that year nor the new two years. I received a ticket the end of July 2015 and guess what? My CDL was still active, no downgrade as informed. I knew about the extensions but I just thought by June 2015 I would be receiving my new downgraded license as that stated. I have tried everything and everybody to get it back dated so that I can go to Defensive Driving School, no such luck.
    I had a couple friends that are still doing Transportation driving and the downgrade problem happened to them too. So, as I feel for you guys because you have had to pay in some way. I have had to pay in a big way and will still be paying when the insurance company gets the info. I tried to fight it but the city of Helotes just didn’t give a care. I wonder how long I would have been overlooked, if I hadn’t got the ticket.

  3. kristian says

    My med.card is up for renewal ..how can I send my new card to dps if I’m never able to make it before 5 ….does the email process work, and what other documents or info. Do I need to provide dps when sending the email?

    • Linda Akers says

      Email does work, you get an automated reply stating that they have received (not processed, just received) your paperwork. Fax works as well. In any case, be sure you get proof that you sent it whether by email or a fax receipt so if your state screws up and downgrades your license you should be able to get it reinstated for free. The forms required may vary by state. Generally you only need your medical card which contains the Registry Number of all certified medical examiner and whatever form your state requires. Hope that helps.

  4. Norman DeLaCruz says

    I am currently residing in Germany because of Military Orders and I don’t want to loose my Class A CDL, however my Medical certificate expires on Sept. 5, 2015 and already got the mail from Texas DPS that my license will be downgraded if I can not update my Medical Certificate. The problem is there is no DOT Physical Doctors in Germany. How can I retain my class A in my situation? Can I self certify to a category that does not require a medical certificate and then go back to a category (1) again when I go back to Texas in 2016.

    • says

      I believe, and you want to confirm this, that there is military service related exemption.
      So you keep your cdl in your state as long as the state knows that you are overseas and in the military.
      But check with your state drivers license department.

  5. Mo says

    I am thinking of getting my CDL but I have only one good eye with corrective glasses the best I can do is 20/50 I have a drivers license for day time only is there any such thing like that for a CDL?

    • says

      Check with your local drivers license department and see what the requirements are as an intra-state only commercial driver. That will be your only option unless you apply for a vision waiver through the FMCSA, which is a long drawn out process. So check intra-state only with your state.

  6. Robert Forgette says

    I have been a insulin dependent diabetic for 10 years and im very stable. I want to obtain a cdl A license . Is there a waiver or something?

  7. Carl Baker says

    If your renewed health card is issued on the same day the old one expires you have 15 days to get the new card to them? Is that correct?

    • says

      Every state treats this process differently. If your card has expired you may receive a letter stating the grace period, if any.
      If you’ve submitted your new card and you haven’t received a letter, you are probably good to go.

  8. R. Herrera says

    I am a Via Metro Bus Operator. I renewed my license at the beginning of 2013. It could not be renewed without filling out this form. Saturday I received a notice that said my license was being downgraded because I hadn’t turned it in. Obviously a mistake, but does anyone know how long it takes to get this straightened out. How long should I expect to not be able to drive thereby not get paid. This will have a terrible impact on my ability to pay my bills. :(

  9. javi says

    I was in an auto accident , my medical certificate expires 5/15 15,I cannot make the deadline to get recertified,what do I need to do to keep my cdl, from being downgraded what forms would I need to fill out in texas ?

  10. Adrian Amaya says

    Is there any sort of database to check if the medical card is currently valid? I’m a dispatcher, and a driver notified me that he received a letter saying that his license was downgraded. The thing is that the new medical was submitted before it’s expiration date and we would like to know if we can receive assistance with this.

  11. Margarito Sandate says

    My med card expires on may 16. I am trying out the cpaps machine while I am driving. It may take longer to get it evaluted results and it will be after the 16th. Is there leniency?

    • says

      @ Margarito
      Each state is a little different, but the fed is pretty strict. You may be able to request a 90 day medical card to finish the waiting period and get the final results. Once you show good compliance and proper settings, you’ll be good to go.

  12. says

    My medical expired on 4\4\15 and hot my medical card by 4\10\15 and my employer emailed my info to dps 4\13\15 and recived a letter by dps that my cdl has been down graded to a class c from what I read we have a grace period of 15 days from the day it expires just wanted to verify that

    • bob aragon says

      if i get a urine test and what numbers have to be on blood sugar to qualify and is that the same as the ac1 test to qualify or is that differnt

      • says

        The DOT urine test, which is done with every DOT examination, is only looking for sugar in the urine. It is not an A1c test. For DOT there should never be any sugar in the urine. If there is, then what ever you are doing to control your sugar isn’t working. So you need to make sure that your sugar is well under control. If it is not under control, you will not pass the DOT examination.

  13. Mem says

    My husband renewed his medical card and CDL-7 in July 2014. His medical card does not expire until July 2016. He took both items to the DPS office in Texas and they faxed the information. He just received a letter in the mail that his CDL is being downgraded for “failure to meet required deadline” of providing his CDL-7 by January 30, 2015. I cannot find the answer any place as to – How often is the CDL-7 suppose to be filled out? Is it annually, every six months, at job changes? He is class A and B – he has switched jobs, but there is no change in his CDL-7. Thank you.

    • Brandi Tunnell says


      I received the following email which I’ve pasted below on March 12th. Evidently, there is some type of glitch in TXDPS system which is downgrading CDLs even if there is self-certification on file. I work for a motor carrier and manage over 2000 Driver Qualification files. I’ve had several of my drivers receive the same letter. My guys have been able to get their CDLs back without and issues so far. I hope this helps!

      “The Texas Department of Public Safety has issued a clarification to roadside enforcement this week asking troopers to honor proof of a CDL and a valid medical card roadside, without regard to the transmitted computer return of license and CDL status. They will be documenting the contradiction or disclaimer of compliance in their “remarks” section of the inspection report and are instructing personnel not to place a driver “out of service,” however if an out-of-service has occurred already on previous inspection reports, a DQ challenge from the affected may still be initiated.
      The department has also notified all driver’s license offices to process self-certification transitions as “no-fee” upgrades, if the driver can show that they have a current medical certification card that was valid at the time of the January submission deadline. TxDPS is reporting that most updates are being processed within seven days, therefore if a driver submits an update by any other method than going to the driver’s license office, it may take a week to process.
      TxDPS is also asking carriers to submit a list of their drivers for whom they had previously submitted proof of medical certification via email to TxDPS. That list should include the driver’s name, date of birth and CDL number. Lists can be sent directly to Sheri Gipson: Sheri.Gipson@dps.texas.gov. She can also be reached via phone at 512-424-2769, or you can contact Marylisa Garcia-Lopez, CDL – Enforcement & Compliance at 512-424-7878.”

        • Mem says

          Thank you!! Yes. The local DPS had it scanned into their system, but the worker in Austin didn’t bother to enter the information. That’s what we were told. He got it back without problem. But, who is going to give back the money that he lost due to their error. It’s sad that this has happened to so many drivers. Thank you very much.

      • says

        No the medical card is one thing and the CDL is something different.
        A 3 month medical expires in three months.
        Your driver’s license has its own expiration date, but is tied to the medical card for validity. Without a valid medical card your CDL will be downgraded. The CDL process differs from state to state.

    • Amstelhaze says

      It apparently is annual by January 30th each year I’m pretty sure but not positive,.and my Med Examiner’s Certificate doesn’t expire until 10/2015.
      In order to avoid missing the JAN 30th, 2015 deadline, I mailed we’re Form CDL-7 on 12-12-14. Yesterday Friday May 29, 2015 I received the DPS letter stating that my CDL has been downgraded because they said they did not receive my CDL-7 by JAN 30th, 2015. They already have my current & valid Medical Examiners Cert. on file from last year like they do for everyone with a TX CDL. I don’t see how they can trash a person’s hard-earned money and efforts to get a CDL based on a missed arbitrary deadline to turn in a document which they already have in their records. I just got a Texas DPS letter stating that my $4000 CDL has been downgraded to a class C, and if that weren’t bad enough, in order to get my CDL reinstated, I (and everyone else who has this problem) will have repay every license fee and take every test, both written and driving tests, all over again. I cannot afford this and it could jeopardize my job for which I am required to maintain a valid Class A.
      This is governmental corruption gone wild & rotten to the core. We the people are going to have to take back our government before they incarcerate everyone but themselves since they are always exempted from their ridiculous unwanted laws.
      Good luck!

  14. Tim Landes says

    Was informed today by the Texas CDL medical examiner that if I am a smoker I must also, by a new law, have, and pay for, something called an PFT test, (a lung function test). Never heard of this law and cannot find any information about it. Any truth to this, anyone? Is there a new law?


    • says

      This is not a law or regulation, it is a recommendation, if there are other signs and symptoms present.
      If no other symptoms, then some one is really trying to cover their butt.

  15. keta says

    If your cdl get downgraded… Because you didn’t know that you needed to turn the med code card into the DPS … So if I take my med code card to the DPS will they give my cdl back or do I have to take the test over?

    • JW says

      In our company, we have had several drivers run into this problem. We sent them with proper documents to the DL office and they were reinstated with a fee ($11.00 to $65.00). No tests required. Apparently, this is a one time exception if you meet certain criteria. It must be only a medical card downgrade.

      • steve says

        What were the criterias? I just got the letter today I didn’t even know about deadline or any of it …My license ex 2018 n current medical card …this isn’t fair

      • Lucas says

        I have had a driver lose his CDL status and I sent his medical card and certification to the state. We even got a email reply telling us that they had recieved it and they still down graded his license. I have also looked to see if there is a way of checking on the status. I could not find a web site that could give me that information.

        • Linda says

          My employer also sent medical card and certification by email and as of yesterday, myself and one other employee have received a Commercial Driver License Downgrade Notice. My employer is currently trying to get this corrected. They have found that this is happening all over Texas. It has to be some kind of a computer glitch or an employee did not enter the information into the Texas Department of Public Safety system. This is something that needs to be corrected on they’re end. Think about the drivers who have not been home to receive the downgrade notice.

    • Zack Garcia says

      I just sent a driver back to the DPS for this reason and my driver told me that he had to retake the driving portion.

  16. georgeg says

    My cdl was downgraded to a class C. Will I be able to reinstate my cdl WITHOUT retaking written tests all over again?

  17. georgeg says

    My cdl was downgraded because i did not submit my medical certificate to Austin. Is there anyway I can reinstate it WITHOUT retaking testS? Thanks

  18. says

    Under the CDL exemption for fire personnel, firefighters are exempt;, however, is there a physical requirement for other personnel, i.e., fire driver, fire bat chief, assistant chief, and fire chief that went into effect 1/1/2015? I have researched various sites for Texas and have not been able to find anything.

  19. Hope Flores says

    Good afternoon, my husband’s medícal certifícate is about to expire we would like to know if It’s possible for him to take the new physical a few days after It’s been expired.

    If so, How many days after can he take the new physical Without getting in trouble?

    • says

      Each state is a little different, but in reality the medical card becomes invalid at midnight of the expiration date. So if possible, get it done early.
      The medical examiner is not concerned with the expiration date.
      Most states are being a bit relaxed on the exact date, but it is the DOT officers checking CDLs that may have a problem.

      • james says

        It states you have to have your new health card 15 days BEFORE your present card expires. to avoid downgrading on you CDL’s

  20. Stephanie Hayes says

    My husband is trying to get his CDL and they are telling him that if he takes anti depressants then he wouldn’t be able to pass his DOT physical. Everything that I have read states that he can pass his DOT. He’s been on them for several years now. What is the ruling on this?

  21. Kathy says

    Someone who takes a new physical exam a month before the current one expires and fails the exam… Is the old card still current or does it make it invalid?

  22. Anthony Ruttenburg says

    I was recently a truck driver for 15 years and now I am a high school teacher but would like to keep my CDL although I am not using it right now. Would it be possible for me to not have to have a DOT physical and card since I am not using my CDL. I live in Texas by the way.

    • says

      Not sure about Texas, but in most states if you want to keep your class A active, you must have a valid medical card. You should check with your state DLD to confirm this is true in Texas.

    • Kathy says

      You must have a reason to maintain your CDL in texas anymore, ask at your district about sub driving… Extra money for you and also a way to maintain your CDL and yes you will need your physical completed and sent into Texas DPS.

    • Rafa says

      Government entities do not require physicals. There are exemptions for city, state, federal, and school districts.

  23. carole says

    If you are given a 3month card by doctors while you get additional info for them when you go back with indoor can the doctor issue you. Another card before the 3month card explores.



    • says

      You are correct. This is not a law and once you provide the proper information, then you should be given the remainder of your one year card. There may be a charge, which helps cover cost of bringing everything up to date, but not a full DOT examination charge.

  25. Andrew brennan says

    I have a class a cdl in Minnesota. I’m thinking about moving to Texas. Do I have to retake all the tests and stuff or does it just transfer over?

  26. Jackie spencer says

    I have class A Cdl .they don’t expire until 2016.Do I have to have a physical now? Are do I have to have a physical before I can renew them?

      • steve says

        At my job a lot of my co workers medical card was fax to Austin TX later on a few of us gotna letter that we had no medical card on file after we got confirmation that it was received would that be our fault if our job submitted it And later find out our license was down graded to class C.

  27. Clyde Lansdale says

    I have a question, I am applying for Class B License to drive RV Motor Home 26,001 LBS

    Is medical card required

  28. D. Ramsey says

    I have my CDL from Texas and I have not drive since July 01/13 ,my question is do I need to send the medical certificate to the DPS to keep my CDL even if I’m not working or using my CDL..?
    I appreciate any info that anybody can help with.
    Thank you.

    • says

      @ D. Ramsey
      Most likely yes, you must keep a copy of a current medical certificate on file with Texas DPS updated with your CDL record, otherwise DPS will downgrade you to a non-CDL.
      Check with DPS to see if they’ll allow you to certify in a non-exempt status, until you are ready to drive again.
      For more information see “Tip – Not driving but want to keep your CDL”, at the end of this blog post New FMCSA medical certificate requirements.

  29. Mike D says

    I have my medical card, I got my CDL this May, 2014… Do I still have to submit this or is it already in the database being I obtained my cdl after Jan. 2014? I’ve had somebody tell me I have until Jan. 2015 but I have no idea? Please lmk

    • Mike D says

      I actually just looked at the Self Certification Affidavit document and I do remember filling that paper out while it was in the process of getting my CDL… So in that case, I should be all set, correct?

  30. Anastacio says

    Is there a grace period once my medical card expires before I have to obtain a new one? I’m usually in the road and have a hard time finding a place to get a new DOT MEdical Card.

    • says

      Medical card goes invalid at midnight of the expiration date on the card. No grace period.
      Also – your CDL record, at the drivers license department, has a copy of your medical card record, and if expired, your CDL is in danger of being downgraded.
      Best to get a new DOT physical done a few weeks before the expiration date, and not play Russian Roulette with your CDL.

      We created DOTPhysicalDoctors website, so you can find driver friendly doctors throughout the United States. Good Luck

  31. Jorden says

    My med card expired a couple months ago. I have a Texas CDL but have been up in North Dakota for a little bit working. I’m not currently driving a CDL required vehicle. When I get my new med card in a couple weeks, will my License still be valid?

    • Brandon says

      I didn’t even know about this “rule” until sometime in June. I sent my medical certification to the State of Texas by email. They accepted it and updated my record to show that I had the medical certification card. Now, I recently went to change my address on my license because I moved and received a letter stating my current medical card will expire soon. Not sure if that means they plan to not send me my license or what. Could just be coincidence the letter came when it did. But I should have my license long before my medical card expires and with plenty of time to go get a new medical card. If they are trying to claim I need to go get a new one first, then send it all in and then they will send my license that is just crapola, and the State or FMCSA should have to pay for the new medical certification cards if they need to be done that much in advance of their expiration dates.

  32. jim says

    I payed for a medical card one year ago, it is good for two years I registered it. Shortly after that I got a job an they sent me to get new card that was only good for a year and they registered that and it will expire soon. I took the original”the first card to dmv tx and registered it.Will that be sufficient in providing proof of eligibility? Has me worried greatly that I may get a license cancellation in the mail

    • says

      All this now depends on time frames and reporting processes.
      First card was good for two years and then a one year card. Why? What changed?
      Next – If the second card was issued after May 21, 2014 then your medical card will expire in one year according to FMCSA records.
      The state has its own set of rules and records. So your original 2-year card is what may still be in the system. Just check with your DMV, they can tell you what is going on. I doubt that they will over-ride a two year card because of a new one, but I would question it and not assume anything.

    • Brandon says

      I would assume the answer to that would be no. Reason being, you knowingly knew you got a new card for one year. The reason you got the card for one year instead of two is for health reasons which could ultimately render you ineligible to operate a CMV. You should have been honest and forthcoming when you sent your medical card. Unless you had already sent the two year card and just didn’t send the new one year card you have. If you haven’t sent it in yet, you should so they can update their records. That is kind of the reason they have the database now. To stop the ones who are driving without it, and those who are not telling the truth about their health status to avoid disqualification.

    • Dr.Roth says

      If it was only for one year, that was likely because of a pre-existing condition, or as in some clinics cases, greed. However, the most recently updated medical card will be the one you will need to maintain.

  33. Steve Harknett says

    I am thinking about applying for my CDL. I have a concern with the medical, my right leg is shorter the my left and my foot turns in when I walk. This does not hinder me from driving a regular vehicle but was wondering if I would be failed on the medical evaluation for this issue.

    • says

      Without seeing your specific condition, it’s hard to say. But if you are not having any difficulties driving a standard vehicle then you may not run into any issues. Most likely the worst thing that would happen is that the DOT examiner would have you take a special skills test to determine what, if any, limitations you may have.

  34. Robert Frederick says

    My current medical card expires on 07/16/14 . I took my DOT exam on the 6th of June and passed except I have to get a stress test preformed by my doctor , who is on vacation . The doctor”s office told me it could be preformed in late July. My company put me on the down board because of this even though I have a current medical card . my question is , can I get a temporary card.

    • says

      The way the FMCSA regulations read is you needed to take a copy of your most recent stress test with you.
      But since most drivers didn’t know about this, you might be able to talk with the DOT examiner. Explain your situation and he may give you a 90 day card. Not a promise, just a logical explaination for your situation.

    • Brandon says

      @ Noe Torres

      I emailed my card to them, a copy of it in PDF format as they state to send it. I received an email confirmation that they received it and updated it. So I would assume it’s as soon as they get it they “call it good” at the very least. I received the confirmation email a couple days after I emailed the card to them.

  35. Kally says

    Hi, my father is a truck driver for TDCJ for the last 22 years and he went to have his DOT physical and was told they could not renew due to his heart defibulator. His license is good until mid-August so he is still driving but I’ve seen in various other states they offer waivers. These waivers state that if the device has not been alarmed in 6 months they grant the waiver. My father has had it since 2003 and never had anything happen, so does Texas have a similar program?

  36. david says

    Trying to get my medical card to drive but was denied because I had blood in my urine that isn’t detectable by the naked eye. Told to get an mri by my doctor but who has the money without insurance and out of work. Is it true that they can deny me because of the blood. Couldn’t that be something that could be checked out after I get back to work. What does blood in urine have to do with driving a truck?

    • says

      Blood in your urine is an indicator that there is a problem.
      You should have yourself checked out by a urologist long before you have an MRI. It may be nearly nothing or it can be serious. Proper testing will answer the questions. But an MRI first? Get it checked out first then follow your doctors recommendations.

      • david says

        Thanks for your reply but I still don’t understand why I can’t get my card to drive. I could understand if it was something to do with my heart and I might would have a heart attack while driving and cause an accident. But this is just unseen blood in my urine. I passed every other part of the physical and this could be cleared up after I go back to work. I can’t understand how blood in my urine would affect my ability to drive or cause any danger to the public if I went back to driving while I was having it checked out by a urologist. Even a temporary 3 month card would give me the chance to go back to work while having it checked out but they wouldn’t even give me that.

        • says

          I don’t understand why you can’t get a three month card so you can get this condition checked out and still be working.
          So ask the examiner for his line of reasoning for no 90 day medical card. That’s my only suggestion at this point.

  37. Mark Lucas says

    Who or where can I get a PHONE # so I can call and see where/ what the statics my Health Card is at.
    I sent it off three weeks ago!!! I need to get to work????

    • says

      See the information above. We’ve added a link to a page on Texas DPS that lets you look up the address and phone number of a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement office by city.
      Hope this helps.

  38. phyllis donelson says

    if the form was returned for the self certification but haven’t heard anything what do I do

  39. Roxanna Valerio says

    I went in for a recertification for my dot cdl medical card and was only given a 3 month certification. The doctor said this was due to my high bmi and the circumference of my neck which he says should be 16 inches and lower for a woman. Mine was 16 1/4 inch. He stated because the results that this indicated a high risk of me falling asleep behind the wheel. He advised me that I would have 3 months to complete a sleep study for sleep apnea. Is this true? Back in 2012 when I went for the first time for my dot cdl medical card and my neck was not measured. Nor was my bmi a problem. My weight remains the same as the last time. Please help me with my question. Provide for me a website that shows this is a new requirement for dot physicals.

    • says

      The simplest answer to your question is NO, it’s not true.
      This issue is coming up a lot. Refer to our FAQ on sleep disorders for more information.
      Just ask the examiner to show you the law/regulation. There isn’t one. There is a lot of misinformation being spread around by people and organizations that stand to profit from telling the same old story over and over.
      Just politely ask: “Show me the regulation / law?”

  40. says

    I am not applying for a CDL license but the company I am inquiring requires I take a DOT exam. What are the rules for getting a DOT card if I do not nor will I have/get a CDL license.

    • says

      If you will be operating a vehicle that weighs more than 10,001 lbs. or is being used for commerce, then you need medical certificate. Not a cdl, just a medical certificate to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

  41. Isidro landa says

    My medicable card expierd may4 but i havent renewed my medicable card do i have a grace piriod to register the needs one or iam going to be down graded

  42. Kenneth says

    If not driving a truck for the next year or two, do I (or can) I get a card when I start back to driving. Do I need to keep a current medicial card even though I am not driving?

    • says

      Texas regulations state that you need a medical card for both interstate and intrastate, so you can’t even get around this by changing the category of commerce you self-certify.
      If you don’t have a medical card you will be downgraded to non-CDL. You may have to test again when you reapply to get upgraded.
      Check with your local DPS to be sure.

  43. alyssa hansen says


    • says

      There is no such thing as a random test that looks for sugar in your urine. So I have no idea about your testing.
      To find out about your license, you’ll need to call your DMV in your home state and check with them.

  44. says

    One of my drivers med card expired on 5-3-2014, which was Saturday. I called him and told him he was not legal to haul Monday, even though it fell on a Saturday.
    I can get him in and out on Monday morning, but for future reference, if it falls on a weekend does he have until midnight the following workday?

    • says

      By law the medical card expires at midnight, on the date of experation. There is no grace period. So you may be taking a chance and put your drivers license at risk.

  45. Dane Holleron says

    Doctors often will issue temporary medical cards for CDL holders that need additional attention for various reasons like high blood pressure etc.

    Question: For Texas CDL Drivers, Is there a limit on the days from expiration for new medical cards for recertification purposes? 60 days? 90 days?

    • says

      It’s real easy. At midnight of the date on your medical certificate, you now have an expired medical card. So if the card was for 30 days, that’s all you have.

  46. jd says

    I sent in (by fax) to austin my cert affidavit and checked box 4. How long does it take to know when I dont have it.

  47. jesse castillo says

    I currently have a cdl license but not a driver at the moment in another field of work that doesnt require me to use my license was I also required to summit a Dot medical record in and if so what option do I have to keep my cdl license

    • says

      @ Jesse
      It seems pretty easy. No medical card, no class A drivers license. This is true in most states. There are a couple of states that are allowing class A drivers to maintain their license without a medical card. Check with your state and see if they are one. If not, get a new medical card or give up your class A and downgrade to a standard license.

  48. Tom Carnley says

    I have had a class A cdl in Texas since 78. In 2000 I retired from trucking but still have my cdl. I really dont need a cdl anymore, so can I just downgrade to class C?

  49. Jonathan Roust says

    I been out of the states for 2 months and I havent been able to get there I will be there in march what happens if i send all my paper work after jan 31st?

    • says

      The consequences for not certifying by the deadline, or not updating DMV with your renewed medical card, differ from state to state. Some states have a grace period, some charge a reinstatement fee, some require retesting.

      Looks like in Texas you are SOL! We just looked up the information for you on the Texas DPS website.

      Refer to question: What if I do not provide the DL office with my self-certification and my medical examiner’s certificate with any required variance document, if required, by January 30, 2014?
      Texas DPS answer: The Department will notify you that you are no longer medically certified to operate a CMV in non-excepted Interstate/Intrastate commerce and will remove all your CDL privileges from your license. If you are downgraded in January 2014, you will receive a new Class C license in the mail. After that date, you must visit your local DL Office to receive a new license. Please note if your CDL is downgraded to a Class C you must retake all CDL written and driving test to reestablish your CDL.

      [insert expletive here] Sorry. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

  50. Mark McGowan says

    Ok I’ve had my CDL since I was 16 when I work for a Car dealer… so It says in Texas that if you had your CDL before I believe 1996 you were grandfather in for no medical card, if you only drive interstate, so what goes now the state you live in or national rules..

  51. Erick says

    Went and took care of mine yesterday. As long as you go up to the local dps and file today before 5pm you will be in the system. They are back logged in Austin with over 150k drivers. Going to take a year to get everyone processed.

  52. Erick says

    I faxed all my stuff in to the state back in December. Got a letter yesterday saying category I selected does not match my DL on file. I have to take a day off from work to hopefully clear this up. Do you know if I get this cleared up tomorrow will it have time to make jan 30th deadline? Thanks in advance for info.

    • says

      Can’t assure you of anything since we are not affiliated with the DMV or any agencies.
      Get it in tomorrow, and that’s the best you can do.
      We’ll be watching out for, and report any information / (January 30th) deadline changes because the situation seems quite chaotic across many states.

  53. william says

    Just curious is a medical card required if only operate in the state of Texas I know it was not require before did they change that?

  54. Xavier P. Cano says

    once I have sent all the required documentation how do I know they have received them is there a #ph I can call to enquire this matter..
    please advise

    • says

      You don’t say if you have already sent in your documentation or not.
      We don’t know of a number to call and inquire.
      Most States are sending letters to drivers who are not yet in the system, so you should get a letter if there is a problem.
      If you haven’t yet sent in your information, your best bet at this stage is to email in your documents, or fax them in. Keep email or fax proof that you sent them.

  55. jamesary says

    you to fax cdlmedical cards in so loose only thing i have and never get thur
    guess i’m sol but feds state of texas doesn’t every care I stuck in charlotta ,nc
    in damn motle wanting to come home in my big rig if driver it I go to jail this
    is bs day january 14 2014 my time is up still cann’t get thur austin to hq txdps
    my lic are cann’t stop them from can my lively hood .

  56. LaToya Bowers says

    I hold a cdl class b license im not sure what box to check? Im not currently driving at this time but i would like to keep my license and not loose them. Do I send anything else with this self-certificate affidavit besides the DOT?

    • says

      For more information on which box to check, read our blog post New FMCSA Medical Regulations.
      Send in the self-certification affidavit and a copy of your valid/current DOT medical certificate.
      (If you have a variance from FMCSA, you’ll need to send that in too. If you do have one, you’ll know what this is, otherwise don’t worry about it.)

  57. Robin says

    Not sure which box to check we farm and have farm tags. On occasion we do cross the state line so I assume it’s 1 or 3 just not sure which one. Thanks

  58. Kent says

    I got my DOT card in December of 2012; and therefore, it is good through December 2014. At the time I was unaware that this was a new requirement and that it needed to be sent in. It states that the requirements are within 15 days of getting your medical card so does that mean I would need to have a new one issued? Please advise. Thanks for your help in advance.

    • says

      When you submit your Self-certification Affidavit to Texas DPS, also submit a copy of your current medical card valid to December 2014, and it will be good.
      In the future – The 15 day requirement for a new medical card, means that when your current medical card expires (December 2014), you have 15 days to get a new medical card on file with your CDL record at DPS, to keep your CDL valid.

  59. dave mcgill says

    I currently hold a tex class A cdl. I do not transport any type of cargo. my employment is a sales rep with the operation of a company car. the only requirement was a pre employment drug screen . i maintain the cdl to move a company truck in an emergency situation only. must i still get a med cert even if i do not transport cargo or equipment ?

    • says

      I would check with your state DMV. In some states, you must maintain a valid medical card to keep your class A CDL. But that changes from state to state. Or you may be able to downgrade your driver’s license to a class B or D and not have to have a valid medical certificate.

  60. Joe Renn Rackley says

    I submitted my CDL Self-Affidavit via FAX several days ago and have not gotten any feedback as to whether it was received, filed, etc. Is there any way to check on that or do I just hear something if it does not get where it should be and my license is downgraded?

    Hope to hear from you via email soon.


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