Texas CDL and DOT Medical Card Requirements

Texas CDL Requirements

All Texas CDL holders are required to certify the type of commercial operation they’re engaged in. All CDL holders must provide a Self-Certification affidavit no later than January 30, 2014 to Texas Department of Public Safety.

CDL holders operating in non-excepted interstate and non-excepted intrastate are required to submit a current medical examiner’s certificate and any variance they may have to the Department.

Drivers who are required to have a medical examiners certificate and fail to maintain a current medical certificate with the Department may lose their CDL.

Interstate Non-Excepted
You must meet the Federal DOT medical certificate requirements.

Intrastate Non-Excepted
You must meet the Federal DOT medical certificate requirements.


Submit Your Self-Certification Affidavit and Medical Certificate to Texas Department of Public Safety

Submit the following two documents:

  1. Texas Commercial Driver License Self-Certification Affidavit – download the form (CDL-7) here from Texas Department of Public Safety.
  2. Copy of your valid DOT medical card (not the long form) and any variance you may have.  Enlarge the copy to ensure that all information is legible.

By Mail:
Texas Department of Public Safety
Enforcement & Compliance Service
Attention: CDL Section
P.O. Box 4087
Austin, Texas 78773

By Fax:
512-424-2002  Attn: CDL Section

By Email:
Documents must be in PDF format


Keep Your Medical Card Current With Texas Department of Public Safety

You must provide a copy of each new DOT medical card to the Department prior to the expiration of the current DOT medical card.

To prevent your commercial driver license from being downgraded, you will need to send a copy of your new DOT medical certificate to the Department within 15 days of the DOT medical certificate issuance date.

You may submit your new medical certificate by mail, fax, or email, as described above.


Other Information:

Texas DPS official website: Driver License

Texas CDL Medical Certification Requirement


Special Information Updates Pertaining To ALL STATES

red1 check26The deadline for Commercial Driver Self-Certification is still January 30, 2014.

This is the deadline date for commercial drivers to have filed documents with their State Driver Licensing Agency (SDLA):

  1. Your self-certification affidavit declaring which commercial category you drive.
  2. Depending on the category you certify – A copy of your current medical card (and any applicable variance documents).

Drivers who have not completed this requirement by the deadline will be downgraded to non-commercial, Class D privileges only.

red1 check26Drivers, you still need to carry a paper copy of your medical card, until 2015.

The reason for SDLAs collecting this information is so that it will be stored in the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) online database. Once this process is complete, drivers will no longer have to carry a paper copy of their medical card.
SDLAs are behind in setting up this database, and on January 10, 2014, FMCSA pushed the State Agencies reporting deadline to January 30, 2015.

Important Notes For Commercial Drivers:
This does not change your self-certification deadline. You must still get your documents in by January 30, 2014.
You still need to carry a paper copy of your medical card, until 2015.


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  1. I sent in (by fax) to austin my cert affidavit and checked box 4. How long does it take to know when I dont have it.

  2. jesse castillo says:

    I currently have a cdl license but not a driver at the moment in another field of work that doesnt require me to use my license was I also required to summit a Dot medical record in and if so what option do I have to keep my cdl license

    • @ Jesse
      It seems pretty easy. No medical card, no class A drivers license. This is true in most states. There are a couple of states that are allowing class A drivers to maintain their license without a medical card. Check with your state and see if they are one. If not, get a new medical card or give up your class A and downgrade to a standard license.

  3. Tom Carnley says:

    I have had a class A cdl in Texas since 78. In 2000 I retired from trucking but still have my cdl. I really dont need a cdl anymore, so can I just downgrade to class C?

  4. Jonathan Roust says:

    I been out of the states for 2 months and I havent been able to get there I will be there in march what happens if i send all my paper work after jan 31st?

    • @Jonathan
      The consequences for not certifying by the deadline, or not updating DMV with your renewed medical card, differ from state to state. Some states have a grace period, some charge a reinstatement fee, some require retesting.

      Looks like in Texas you are SOL! We just looked up the information for you on the Texas DPS website.

      Refer to question: What if I do not provide the DL office with my self-certification and my medical examiner’s certificate with any required variance document, if required, by January 30, 2014?
      Texas DPS answer: The Department will notify you that you are no longer medically certified to operate a CMV in non-excepted Interstate/Intrastate commerce and will remove all your CDL privileges from your license. If you are downgraded in January 2014, you will receive a new Class C license in the mail. After that date, you must visit your local DL Office to receive a new license. Please note if your CDL is downgraded to a Class C you must retake all CDL written and driving test to reestablish your CDL.

      [insert expletive here] Sorry. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

  5. Mark McGowan says:

    Ok I’ve had my CDL since I was 16 when I work for a Car dealer… so It says in Texas that if you had your CDL before I believe 1996 you were grandfather in for no medical card, if you only drive interstate, so what goes now the state you live in or national rules..

  6. Went and took care of mine yesterday. As long as you go up to the local dps and file today before 5pm you will be in the system. They are back logged in Austin with over 150k drivers. Going to take a year to get everyone processed.

  7. I faxed all my stuff in to the state back in December. Got a letter yesterday saying category I selected does not match my DL on file. I have to take a day off from work to hopefully clear this up. Do you know if I get this cleared up tomorrow will it have time to make jan 30th deadline? Thanks in advance for info.

    • @Erick
      Can’t assure you of anything since we are not affiliated with the DMV or any agencies.
      Get it in tomorrow, and that’s the best you can do.
      We’ll be watching out for, and report any information / (January 30th) deadline changes because the situation seems quite chaotic across many states.

  8. Just curious is a medical card required if only operate in the state of Texas I know it was not require before did they change that?

  9. Xavier P. Cano says:

    once I have sent all the required documentation how do I know they have received them is there a #ph I can call to enquire this matter..
    please advise

    • @Xavier
      You don’t say if you have already sent in your documentation or not.
      We don’t know of a number to call and inquire.
      Most States are sending letters to drivers who are not yet in the system, so you should get a letter if there is a problem.
      If you haven’t yet sent in your information, your best bet at this stage is to email in your documents, or fax them in. Keep email or fax proof that you sent them.

  10. you to fax cdlmedical cards in so loose only thing i have and never get thur
    guess i’m sol but feds state of texas doesn’t every care I stuck in charlotta ,nc
    in damn motle wanting to come home in my big rig if driver it I go to jail this
    is bs day january 14 2014 my time is up still cann’t get thur austin to hq txdps
    my lic are cann’t stop them from can my lively hood .

  11. LaToya Bowers says:

    I hold a cdl class b license im not sure what box to check? Im not currently driving at this time but i would like to keep my license and not loose them. Do I send anything else with this self-certificate affidavit besides the DOT?

    • @LaToya
      For more information on which box to check, read our blog post New FMCSA Medical Regulations.
      Send in the self-certification affidavit and a copy of your valid/current DOT medical certificate.
      (If you have a variance from FMCSA, you’ll need to send that in too. If you do have one, you’ll know what this is, otherwise don’t worry about it.)

  12. Not sure which box to check we farm and have farm tags. On occasion we do cross the state line so I assume it’s 1 or 3 just not sure which one. Thanks

  13. if i got my license in 2013,am i on file already,or do i have to send my medical card in to dps?

  14. I got my DOT card in December of 2012; and therefore, it is good through December 2014. At the time I was unaware that this was a new requirement and that it needed to be sent in. It states that the requirements are within 15 days of getting your medical card so does that mean I would need to have a new one issued? Please advise. Thanks for your help in advance.

    • @Kent
      When you submit your Self-certification Affidavit to Texas DPS, also submit a copy of your current medical card valid to December 2014, and it will be good.
      In the future – The 15 day requirement for a new medical card, means that when your current medical card expires (December 2014), you have 15 days to get a new medical card on file with your CDL record at DPS, to keep your CDL valid.

  15. Is there a way I can get another copy of my DOT card?

  16. Rudy Zepeda says:

    Is there a list I can check to make sure all of my drivers have filed a self certification affidavit?

  17. I am trying to find a doctor in the North Fort Worth area that does physicals. My family doctor does not. Can anyone recommend someone?

    • @Casey
      Here’s a Certified Medical Examiner in the area – Dr. Mark Sanders, D.O. Phone 817-688-1588 at 3437W 7th Street, Fort Worth, 76107.
      Please let him know we referred him.
      Hope this helps.

  18. dave mcgill says:

    I currently hold a tex class A cdl. I do not transport any type of cargo. my employment is a sales rep with the operation of a company car. the only requirement was a pre employment drug screen . i maintain the cdl to move a company truck in an emergency situation only. must i still get a med cert even if i do not transport cargo or equipment ?

    • @Dave
      I would check with your state DMV. In some states, you must maintain a valid medical card to keep your class A CDL. But that changes from state to state. Or you may be able to downgrade your driver’s license to a class B or D and not have to have a valid medical certificate.

  19. Joe Renn Rackley says:

    I submitted my CDL Self-Affidavit via FAX several days ago and have not gotten any feedback as to whether it was received, filed, etc. Is there any way to check on that or do I just hear something if it does not get where it should be and my license is downgraded?

    Hope to hear from you via email soon.


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