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Kentucky CDL Requirements

Kentucky law requires all CDL drivers to have a valid DOT medical card.

While FMCSA only requires medical certification for drivers operating in non‐excepted operations, Kentucky requires all CDL holders to be medically certified (601 KAR 1:005) regardless of category selected.

All Kentucky CDL Holders Must Be Medically Certified
You must meet the Federal DOT medical certificate requirements.


Self Certification and Medical Card Submission

Submit the following two documents:

  1. Commercial Driver License Self-Certification, form TC 94-169. Download the form here from Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Driver Licensing.
  2. Copy of your valid DOT medical card (Medical card only, not the long form). Provide a legible copy of both front and back of the medical card. Enlarge the copy to ensure that all information is legible.

By Mail:
Division of Driver Licensing
200 Metro St.
Frankfort, KY 40622

By Fax:
(502) 564-3250

By Email:
Scan and email to

Note: All CDL holders/applicants will receive written notification when the information has posted to their CDLIS record.

CDL Verification: Check your driver records online at  CDL Verification

Other Information:
Link for Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Applying for a CDL

Phone: Administrative Support Section  502-564-1257.


Special Information Updates  – JANUARY 2015 –
Pertaining To ALL STATES


The FMCSA has requested that all medical examiners continue providing drivers with a paper copy of the medical certificate so that Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders can provide a copy to the State licensing agency, and the non-CDL drivers can provide the documentation to their employers and Federal and State enforcement officials.

The Agency is currently completing efforts to put into place an electronic system to enable medical examiners to transmit the medical certificate information from the National Registry system to the State licensing agencies. However, until that system is completed, medical examiners must continue to issue paper copies of the medical certificates to drivers who pass the medical exam.


Commercial Drivers – You still need to carry a paper copy of your medical card, until FMCSA announces that this is no longer necessary.

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  1. Stacy blount says

    I am moving to Kentucky later this year. I currently hold an Indiana cdl class b with passenger, school bus and airbrake endorsements. What would I have to do to change over?

  2. David Michael conway says

    I have Tourette’s syndrome controlled by prescription drugs. Would this be a deterrent from getting training for a CDL -A.?

    • says

      Just get your prescribing doctor to complete a medical release form explaining your medications and usage. That should answer any questions that the CME will have. You should be good to go from there.

  3. Michael Krieg says

    I have had heart surgery. I will not be able to take my CDL medical (carry 50 pounds, etc.) before March 9. My medical for my school bus CDL expires February 24. Will I need to start over with full driving test, etc., or can I request a delay?

  4. Karen says

    Driver Medical Cards – the expiration date on their medical cards is provided by the Nat’l Register Doctor. The driver then provides a copy to KY DMV. We are required to run the MVR to verify the State has a copy so his/her CDL won’t be downgraded, suspended or revolked. If we see the date is wrong, driver is required to contact the DMV again to get corrected. It happens quite often the dates are not correct on the MVR. Today, I currently have 2 examples: MC – Expires 12/30/15 and MVR shows expires 12/16/19 – other – MC – expires 11/25/15 and MVR shows expires 12/12/2019. Why is the expiration date on MVR different? We appreciate your help.

  5. Joe says

    Why doesn’t KY have the downgrade to intrastate endorsement which does not require a physical card, as other states have done for someone who wants to keep a CDL but doesn’t actively drive commercially?

  6. Elhousseine says

    I send the application with Medical examination card and self certification to the DMV by fax , but I send it two times to them, is that a problem or it’s ok ??

    • says

      Most fax machines let you know if the fax didn’t go through. So if you know that the fax went through successfully, that’s all you should need to do.
      If something is wrong, you’ll most likely receive a letter from DMV letting you know there is a problem with your records.

  7. Sandra Moak says

    What is the length of time a CDL driver must remain off work after a syncope incident (whie driving)? Thanks!

    • says

      There is no specific wait time.
      The issue will be, “What caused the syncope, and has it been resolved?” Once the underlying condition is diagnosed and treated, and treatment has been shown to be adequate/effective, safe, and stable, by your treating physician, then you can go back to driving.
      Be aware that your medical card will be good for one year due to the episode.

  8. Kelly Campbell says

    I have had Remitting/Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years. Will I be eligible to apply for a CDL?? I only have a slight balance issue when I walk? Kelly

  9. David Reed says

    My employer has informed me that we no longer are required to have a valid med card to operate a vehicle licensed for under 26,000 pounds. Is this correct? I currently hold a cdl but do not intend to renew it, as at my age I doubt I will ever drive a big rig again. If I do not renew my med card will I still be able to drive a non cdl vehicle or do I need to get my license changed. My current med card expires in late Feb. thanks for your concern and reply.

    • says

      Not real sure this is correct, each state may be different.
      Example: In Utah, if you are driving a vehicle in excess of 10,001 pounds, you’d better have a medical certificate.
      So I would check with your local Driver Licensing office and confirm your employer’s comment.

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